‘Lowkey’ is a Song I’ll High Key be Playing on Repeat

Header Image from Empawa YouTube Page I first stumbled across this song via Industry Official’s Instagram and honestly once I initially heard it, I was hooked. The song starts off with a soft tropical beat that instantly had my mind transport me to somewhere warm with an amazing beach. This was great because I needContinue reading “‘Lowkey’ is a Song I’ll High Key be Playing on Repeat”

Dear Colourism

Trigger Warning – Colourism, Racism How violent of you to take ownership of my skin,How violent of you to laugh at my innate love for it,How violent of you to say it needs lightening,How violent of you to take away the sun,How violent of you to tell me my skin is ugly,How violent of youContinue reading “Dear Colourism”

#DarkHuesChats with Rachel Isabel

Hello lovely people and welcome welcome welcome back to another chapter of #Darkhueschats! Today’s interview features the lovely Rachel Isabel a talented artist and overall sweet soul x 1. So first and foremost your art is amazing! You are truly talented. What inspired you to become an artist? I have a very creative family, myContinue reading “#DarkHuesChats with Rachel Isabel”

#DarkHuesChats with @babesabouttown

Welcome or welcome back to #DarkHuesChats! In today’s chapter, we had the opportunity to talk to award-winning blogger, screenwriter, digital consultant and now the author of their new book ‘Bringing Up Race‘, Uju Asika. 1. So apart from being a screenwriter/author can you tell us a little bit more about yourself? I was born inContinue reading “#DarkHuesChats with @babesabouttown”

Affordable Beauty Products to Try During Quarantine

Photo by Anderson Guerra from Pexels With the Covid-19 affecting many people‚Äôs finances. Many of us are likely to be a bit more frugal when it comes to shopping. So, if you still want to buy makeup during this epidemic but are in no position to break the bank. Here are some affordable beauty products that in myContinue reading “Affordable Beauty Products to Try During Quarantine”