Is Modest Fashion Boring? | 3 Times People of Colour Have Disproved This

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

When I first heard of modest fashion I was sceptical. As from my experience modesty and style did not go hand in hand. However thanks to the increasing representation of people of colour SLAYING in their modest fits. My opinion has completely changed.

So here are three examples of People of Colour disproving that modest fashion is boring.

Sarees are STUNNING

Sarees are stunning like these ones from Shanti. And are also a PERFECT example of how modest fashion can be stylish. There is nothing dull or boring about this clothing AT ALL! As the designs are vibrant and diverse. The Saree is a statement piece that perfectly wraps around various different body types and frames them beautifully.

Iro and Buba are a VIBE!

Iro and Buba is a traditional outfit typically worn by us Yoruba women (however any Yoruba person can wear this). The Iro is basically a large wrapper tied around the waist whereas the Buba is a blouse. The amazing thing about this outfit is the fact that we go ALL OUT. Us Yoruba people are not afraid to add a pop colour and love to play around with different fabrics such as lace. Which ultimately leads to stunning designs.

Hijabs are Beautiful

I am thoroughly impressed with the way Muslim women and femmes style the hijab especially when it comes to pairing it with western clothing. The colour co-ordination as well as the overall creativity is something to admire. Their style is one of a kind and I am simply in awe.


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