Jae Stephens is an Artist I Never Knew I Needed

Jayla Darden posing in a dark room with the words What You Need projected onto her

Header Image from Jae Stephens’ Facebook Page

I officially became of fan of Jae Stephens after hearing their EP ”f**k it i’ll do it myself”. Now after listening to her two new singles I completely understand why I stan her music because these songs are good!

Already On It – (feat VanJess)

So, when I found out VanJess was the featured artist on this track I was intrigued as their voices are quite different from Stephens. However, after I listened to this song, overall, I think Jae Stephens made a great choice to include the talented duo. Their voices complimented each other beautifully, especially when it came to the chorus which was soothing and very catchy. Overall, this song is an example of good quality RnB/Soul songs produced in this era.

What You Need (feat THEY.)

This song was my favourite out of the two new singles because the beat was powerful and overall put me in a trance. Moreover, Jae Stephens again made a good decision in picking a featured artist for this song. As THEY’s verse complimented the track nicely. Not to mention their ad-libs for the chorus took it to the next level 😩. In fact, it was specifically the chorus that really got me engrossed into this track.

Overall, Jae Stephens is giving us the type of music that our ears seriously need! Not to mention is proving that this generation indeed has talented artists. Definitely go and check out these two singles as well as the rest of her music as it’s worth the listen.


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