4 Orange Blushes that are Perfect for Spring 2021

A dark skin black person smiling while laying on grass with various flowers. they have long straight hair and a nose ring and are wearing a butterly shirt

Photo by Juan Vargas from Pexels

Spring is the season of rebirth, the Sun is out again, days are getting longer and flowers begin to bloom. It’s a prelude to summer adventures and with Covid-19 restrictions starting to lift, this Spring promises more than ever before.

One colour I associate with Spring is orange – it’s joyful, vivid and fresh. Not to mention it’s a perfect colour for any skin tone to use for a spring-inspired make-up look as there’s an orange shade for everyone. An easy way to switch up your make-up collection is to play around with blush as it can give an added extra pop of colour to your make-up look without changing too much.

Here are my favourite orange blushes in time for Spring 2021.

XX Revolution XXcess Blush Powder in Retro -£8

XX Revolution is one of the newer lines from Revolution Beauty, and it was highly praised because of how well they accommodate darker skin tones. The XX Revolution XXcess Blush Powder in Retro is a blush to definitely check out.

There is ample product which makes it great value and the colour payoff is phenomenal. 

Word of warning – just be sure to use a steady hand as a little goes a long way

Elf Putty Blush in Turks and Caicos – £6

This lightweight yet buildable, cream-based blush is a great option if you like minimal makeup and you like working with your hands (although you can absolutely use a brush if that’s what you prefer). As this blush is slightly blue-toned, this is a great option for highly melanated people with neutral undertones.

H&M Powder Blusher in Spicy Pepper -£8.99

There was a lot of scepticism when H&M launched H&M Beauty, but they have proved themselves over and over again especially, when it comes to the H&M Powder Blusher in Spicy Pepper. With a gentle shimmer to it, this burnt sienna blush is super cute, particularly when paired, with a bronze or golden tone highlighter.

Live Tinted Huestick in Balance – £22.50

Stemming from the age-old beauty hack of using lipstick to colour correct, Deepica Mutyala launched her brand with this cult product multi-use sticks. The Live Tinted Huestick in Balance is a highly pigmented coral that looks stunning as a blush. Since this product is multi-use, it’s essentially a colour-blocking dream as you can use it on your eyes, lips and cheek to create a coral theme look.

Outside of being a Beauty Editor at Dark Hues, Ralferine runs a beauty consultancy business centred around BIPOC, the LGBTQ+ community, and anyone else who’s ever felt left out. See more of what they do on their Instagram

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