‘Lowkey’ is a Song I’ll High Key be Playing on Repeat

A poster of the song Lowkey by Xenia Manasseh

Header Image from Empawa YouTube Page

I first stumbled across this song via Industry Official’s Instagram and honestly once I initially heard it, I was hooked. The song starts off with a soft tropical beat that instantly had my mind transport me to somewhere warm with an amazing beach. This was great because I need all the escapism I can get as we survive this pandemonium.

As the song continues, we are met with a great beat that left me dancing for hours, as your girl played this on repeat! As well as Xenia’s smooth and soothing voice which perpetuated my escapism 😍. The best part of this song is the chorus. The lyrics are catchy and the beat is the strongest at this point. Overall, this song was fabulous and is a perfect mood booster.

Not only were given a song but also a music video to accompany it. I obviously watched it because I was impressed with this track. Overall the video was nice but not amazing and this was due to the confusing plot. It wasn’t clear what was happening. And I couldn’t decide if the director was trying to tell a story or just create a cute fun video. It would be better if there was a clear plot as a good music video can help us to appreciate the song more.

However, with that being said the video itself was visually appealing. The camera quality was first class. Plus, Xenia Manasseh and the extras were serving looks! Everyone’s hair and make-up were on point especially Xenia. And Xenia’s outfits especially the bright yellow lacey one-piece she wore was cute. And suited her deeply melanated skin perfectly. WE LOVE TO SEE IT!

Overall, this is a smooth, tropical R&B track with a colourful music video to compliment it. Definitely go and listen to this song and watch the music video you won’t regret it.


Apart from being the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Dark Hues Magazine. Chizoba Itabor is a content creator who runs her own self-titled lifestyle blog. Be sure to check out this cool girl on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and her own blog

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