#DarkHuesChats with Rebekah Phillip

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Hey lovely people and welcome back to another chapter of #DarkHuesChats! We honestly hope you enjoy this series as much as we do. As we have had the pleasure to talk to some cool individuals.

Today’s interview features the fabulous Rebekah Phillip whose fashion is not only impeccable but also environmentally friendly.

1. The first thing that stands out, in terms of your style, is how versatile it is. Why do you love versatility in fashion?

Fashion has this incredible ability to change how you feel and how you see yourself- that’s why I love switching up my look. There are no real rules, so why not try it all? I think it’s so fun to explore different aesthetics and trends and just play around with the medium of fashion. Some of my favourite looks have come from trying to step out of my comfort zone! 

2. You take really good quality pictures – what do you use to achieve such flawless photos?

I’m glad you think so! I use my iPhone XR and a mini tripod to take most of my photos, although my sister and boyfriend sometimes get roped into being photographers! I try to be creative with locations and angles, and I always try to use natural lighting.

3. In your Instagram bio, we have noticed that you mentioned ‘just tryna be cute and sustainable!’’. When did you start to become more sustainably conscious in regards to fashion?

I started paying attention to sustainability about three years ago after reading about the impact of the fashion industry on issues like climate change and child labour. In the last year, I have been able to stop buying new (for the most part), so my wardrobe is about 70% secondhand at this point.

4. Lately, we have seen more discussion in regards to how fast fashion affects the environment. Why do you think it’s more important now to invest in sustainable fashion?

I think there are a lot of good conversations happening about both the serious problems with fast fashion, and also the inaccessibility of ethical brands. I think most people would agree that things like worker exploitation and wasteful processes are bad, but don’t have the time and money that it takes to divest from fast fashion. Also, despite what some people say about thrifting, it’s not accessible to everyone. However, buying ethically or secondhand is one of the only ways to show major brands that things like sustainability and good conditions for workers are important. I think that if you can spare the money or time, it’s a worthwhile effort. And if you can’t, there are still ways to participate!

5. In regards to fashion, it’s common for people to be inspired by others. Would you say you have any style inspirations? And if so who/what?

I definitely take inspiration from people I watch and follow online, namely Ashley aka Bestdressed, Jenn Im, and Zendaya. I’m also fascinated by different eras in fashion, which definitely plays a role in some of my outfits.

6. Lastly, what tips would you give to our Dark Skin readers who want to shop for clothes in a more sustainable manner?

The best way to be more sustainable is to cut down on shopping, or to only buy things you know you’ll wear for a long time. Going for versatile, classic pieces is a great way to ensure they stay in your closet and out of a landfill!  Also, learning how to mend clothes can greatly reduce their carbon footprints. When you’re looking to add to your wardrobe,

I would say the best and cheapest option is to thrift! There are some caveats of course, but if you have the time to sift through the racks I highly recommend it. The next best option is buying secondhand through platforms like Depop and Poshmark. If I’m really looking for something specific, I’ll check these apps first before considering buying new. It feels better to pay a person directly than paying a faceless company. 

Rebekah is a content creator who is busy being a different person every day . Be sure to check out Rebekah on Instagram

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