#DarkHuesChats with 5th of a Kind

A blog banner with the words dark hues chats. As well as two pictures of the make-up influencer 5thofakind. 5thofkind is wearing a full face of makeup including pink and purple eyeshadow. they also have pink jewels dotted around their eyebrows

Welcome to #DarkHuesChats a series where we interview amazing Dark-skinned people of colour from all walks of life. In today’s chapter, we had the opportunity to talk to the lovely 5th of a Kind.

1. So we’ve had the chance to check out your content, especially your Instagram feed. Overall, we think it’s amazing! What inspired you to get into make-up in the first place? 

I was actually kind of forced to go into make-up lol. When I started wearing makeup my sister did everything for me from the ages of 16-17, then when I turned 18 she basically cut me off and said do it yo’ self! So that’s what I did, and trust me the beginning was far from pretty and very off fleek…

After that, I just loved experimenting with colours, styles, and techniques, and it became more enjoyable for me.

2. Over the years we have seen the influencer/content creator field become more and more popular. Places such as Youtube and Instagram have become well-known platforms for individuals to showcase their creativity. Why did you decide to become a Beauty Influencer/Blogger?

I became a beauty blogger for two reasons: 

Firstly, for a very long time, I dubbed myself as being ‘not creative’ in comparison to my extremely talented family. I saw this as an opportunity to really channel my creativity and because I’m doing my own make-up, I can continuously evaluate and improve. I love seeing the progression of my earlier videos.

Secondly, I was quite reserved and I just wanted to focus on putting my head down and getting through life but I realised I was too comfortable doing that. Beauty blogging was a way to step out of my comfort zone and a way to challenge myself to be consistent and share myself with other people. That may seem strange but upon first impressions, I was very reserved and I still am to an extent, which is due to suppressing oneself as a Black woman. My goal was and still is to be more open and show a side to myself that not everyone gets to see. I’m fortunate enough to do this through beauty and make-up. 

3. Okay Zoe, so one thing we love about your make-up looks is how you perfectly blend your complexion products. Do you have any tips for our readers who are trying to achieve the perfect base? 

I would say, sponges are your best friend. When you think you’ve got that blend down, go over it with a sponge but be gentle. Another product that I credit my base to is the Morphe Setting Mist, that product is wonderful. It sets your makeup for ages and the product itself lasts for a while. So my second piece of advice would be to invest in a good setting spray, it doesn’t even have to be a matte finish, it’s all dependent on the look you’re trying to achieve. 

4. Over the years we have seen many different make-up trends. Are there any in particular that you’re loving? 

Neon, neon, neon. I live for the neon trend. That is one that I will never get over. I think I love it more because of the way the colours look against deeper skin tones. 

5. We’ve noticed that many of your looks are bold and colourful. Honestly, it is great and refreshing to see. As when it comes to Dark Skin and make-up there are a lot of colourist statements in regards to what we can or can’t wear. What advice would you give to all our Dark skin readers who want to play around with colourful make-up but are too scared to do so? 

I say play to your heart’s content. Do you, because if you’re using YOUR make-up and applying it on YOUR face, what concern is that of other people? All that matters is that you like it, and if you didn’t, lesson learned; you didn’t like that for you. 

If you think about it the statements are just that, statements…opinions. They are not fact, and different social media platforms are constantly showing dark skin women in bold colours doing their thing. It is a beautiful thing to see. 

At this point in life and in 2020, those that choose to police others show more about themselves. 

6. Finally, we would love to know what is one make-up product that you cannot live without? 

Morphe Setting Mist, it really deserves more attention and Makeup Revolution Pout Bomb. Though my lips don’t need plumping, I love the sensation. 

Zoe aka Fifth of a Kind is a beauty blogger that serves you beautifully blended and colourful makeup looks. You can find Fifth of a Kind on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube

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